8 February 2021

We caught up with Tony Moore at Vantage UAV, a drone services and solution company that can provide support to NHF members on asset management, building safety, development and regeneration. Read on to find out more about Vantage UAV and how you can meet them at Building and Fire Safety in Housing later this month.

Who are Vantage UAV and what can you offer?

In order to meet the imminent Building Safety Bill regulations, all social landlords need to be able to gather detailed building information on their existing at risk stock. This is a major challenge that we must overcome in the most efficient way possible, and this is where Vantage UAV can help.

Drone surveys provide an effective solution to this challenge. The flexibility, accuracy and access drones can offer is unparalleled, particularly in accessing rooftops and other difficult to reach areas. We are a progressive, innovative drone inspection company. We have already inspected a number of large high-rise buildings throughout the UK using a variety of equipment and sensors that produce comprehensive data sets.

The imagery we collect provides comprehensive detail of a building’s external fabric and means that remedial works can be thoroughly assessed before any work is even scheduled or started. The full and comprehensive data set captured also allows for the creation of a 3D Digital Twin of the actual building.

Other services we offer the sector include roof inspections, topographical land surveys, thermal imaging and building development and regeneration project monitoring.

Can you tell us more about your ‘3D Digital Twin’ service?

Every detail of a building is modelled into a ‘digital twin’. This is a digital replica of physical assets, processes, people, places, systems and devices that can be used for various purposes. This is a type of Building Information Modelling (BIM), an intelligent 3D model-based process that allows for more efficient construction and management of buildings and infrastructure.

Having the Digital Twin in place enables all internal and external assets to be tagged, providing essential up to date information about each of them. This further ensures all assets are up to standard and states when they next require inspection or testing.

We have a strategic partnership with Deeo who provide the award winning Twinnedit platform that delivers all the above and more. The deployment of Twinnedit also gives the Emergency Services comprehensive information about the actual building which aids them greatly in all aspects of their operations.

What are you most looking forward to at the conference?

This is our first event as an NHF Preferred Supplier and marks the start of an exciting relationship with a key influencer in the sector.

I am also looking forward to hearing first-hand from Dame Judith Hackitt as she speaks on the key issues facing the sector. This and many other keynotes will give a richer understanding of the increasingly complex world of building safety.

And of course, it will be great to meet as many social housing professionals as possible.

To meet Tony and hear his session on drone solutions, join us at the Building and Fire Safety in Housing Conference this month.

Tony Moore

Tony Moore is Commercial Director at Vantage UAV.

Introducing Vantage UAV – A NHF Preferred Supplier